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Self-ventilating and thermo-regulating manís underpants


Noticing the problem of inadequate ergonomic solution of the classical manís slip underpants, with consultation with experts from the field of medicine and textile industry, we have designed original manís underpants with extra space, additional air circulation and stressed thermo-regulation.

The basic aim was to create a product that, on the basis of recommendations of ergonomists, as well as experts from the field of textile industry, would provide healthy and functional usage.

Looking for a compromise between the views of a modern man and needs and requests that he is imposed by the nature, we have created a product that for the reason of increased circulation of air around the genitals, decreases their perspiration (almost eliminates it), increasing hygiene at the same time.

This type of manís slip underpants, for the reason of its superior hygienic and healthy properties, will find a great usage in medicine (various inflammations and infectious diseases), sport, but also in everyday life.

Our solution for manís underpants is universal, because it can be applied on different models of underpants such as thong, as well as classical slip pants, boxers, long underpants and others.

Let's conciliate nature and civilization

Characteristics of placing of male genitals:

Classical slip underpants

Self-ventilating and thermo-regulating manís underpants (Adamís leaf-S):

  • genitals are clung to the body
  • additional warming up of the genitals by the body
  • lack of airing of the genitals
  • excessive(unnatural) perspiration of the genitals
  • appearance of red circles on thighs
  • unhygienic conditions (anus and genitals are in the same space)
  • genitals are placed in extra space
  • decreased warming up of the genitals by the body
  • increased airing of the genitals
  • decreased perspiration of the genitals (almost eliminated)
  • disables the appearance of red circles on thighs
  • better hygienic conditions (anus and genitals are separated by partition)

According to our research (research made on a smaller number of examinees), with the usage of this kind of underpants:

  1. a greater sexual desire appears in men
  2. manís potency is increased (penis is harder)

These results of the research are evident in men after first week of usage of this kind of underwear.

The influence of this kind of manís underwear on manís health as well as his sexual function should be the subject of research, lasting for several years, of teams of experts from the field of medicine and other fields, that are competent to evaluate this kind of underwear, but elimination of perspiration of the genitals, comfort when wearing them, better hygienic conditions, and three-year experience of the author of this innovation as well as a smaller number of people that participated in the first research, confirm that it is about a completely new article of clothing, one of the most useful, maybe the most useful for mankind.

Having intention that our product only covers the genitals and does not represent an obstacle in free fluctuation of air around genitals, we have got the product that associates us with the leaf that covers the genitals of Adam Ė according to the Bible, the first man (see picture) and according to which this kind of underwear has been entitled.

In the end, if we would like, in one word to give the main characteristic, i.e. difference that differs this kind of underwear from the existing one, then we would say that manís underpants need to or even have to be OPEN.


Author of innovation

Tadic Dragan